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The Emotional Impact of Acne on an Adolescent


The Emotional Impact of Acne on an Adolescent

For individuals that suffer from acne, it is nearly impossible to get away from the constant reminders of the disease. Every time one looks in the mirror, it can be a depressing event. That, combined with the physical pain and visible scarring that can be associated with inflammatory acne, can be both mentally and physically challenging.

Children and adolescents that suffer from skin diseases, including acne, can experience increased levels of bullying. These issues are frequently dismissed or overlooked by people in charge. Due to the lack of support, acne sufferers fail to get the treatments, both physical and psychological, that they require.
Research has found a direct link between the anxiety and depression and the extent of the acne symptoms. This is easily understood, but treating the acne symptoms not only improves the physical appearance but also the psychological health of the individual. Counseling can also be recommended but is most effective when combined with acne treatments.

Acne symptoms can also influence the social interactions of an affected individual. We have already described how acne can lead to anxiety and depression; this can also lead to lower confidence and self esteem. Additionally, adolescence is a challenging time and their peers can be cruel. Due to the challenges, acne sufferers can become withdrawn and avoid developing healthy relationships with their peers. This may eventually lead to other manifestations such as anti-social behavior, increased isolation, and self loathing.
In summary, adolescence is a challenging time for most people and those challenges increase substantially for acne sufferers. While I cannot provide professional counseling, I can provide treatments for the acne to help improve the physical appearance.

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